Sunday, 15 January 2012

Aria Montgomery - Make-up & Beauty


So sad to have finished my posts on Aria Montgomer's fashion, I'm sure at some point I'll be doing another one! That girl wears so many beautiful clothes it would be a crime not to blog about them! I've been cheering myself up with the prospect of blogging about her make-up and hair styles though, so here it is! Depending on how much picture spam I feel like creating, I might split this into two posts... I've not quite decided yet! First things first, I'll dig up some pictures of Aria looking stunning. Shouldn't be too hard, and I might get a sneaky peek at Ezra Fitz if I look hard enough!

One of the first things you notice about Aria is her beautiful, natural-looking clear skin. If mine looked like this I don't even think I'd mind about anything else, my skin is the one thing I can't sort with make-up, for some reason my neon red cheeks always glow through and make me look awful! I'm determined to find a miracle product, and have heard so many good things about this foundation. It's full coverage and matte, so would be perfect for recreating Aria's flawless skin.
A good blusher is always essential to avoid that ghostly, washed out look, and adds a healthy glow, which is much needed in the middle of winter! I love this one, as the slight shimmer in it really catches the light and is extremely pretty and flattering.
Eyebrows! I love her eyebrows, they are so defined and well-groomed that they perfectly frame her face. I'm desperate to get my paws on the HD Brows palette, but until I get some more Ann Summers party bookings I'll be sticking with this pencil, which is my old faithful! It's so good, especially considering the teeny price tag, and doesn't fade or smudge all day. I found this palette too earlier, not bought it as I've not read any reviews yet but I'm tempted to give it a go!
Her eyes are always really defined, so as not to be overpowered by her gorgeous eyebrows, and she tends to stick to either neutral browns or make more of a statement with greys and blacks. I really kind of want to order the Naked 2 palette, after seeing so many bloggers with it, and the swatches look incredible! However, same as the HD brows palette, the cash situation at the minute means I'll be sticking with my trusty old MUA Heaven and Earth, which you can see in my other Pretty Little Liars posts. I'll put links up to them all at the end of this post if you've not seen them yet.
Mascara wise, I'd go for something that adds volume as well as length, eyes need to be dramatic and mascara really makes all the difference to me. This is a great all rounder, and it's not silly expensive either.
Aria usually wears lipstick, which makes her lips look even more lovely than usual and also makes sure that they don't look dull and lost when compared to all the drama going on up around her eyes. I'm head over heels with MUA lippies at the minute, bought three the other day and bought two more today! These are my favourite Aria-esque shades! This is a really lush one, and this is my personal favourite, it's basically my lips but better.

I'll continue the beauty blog post on Aria tomorrow, this one is much too long as it is! Hope you are enjoying it, and if you have any comments about the Double Wear foundation I'd love to hear them!

Love xxx

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  1. I really like her make up.
    NRC ♥

  2. Obsessed with the Naked shadows...I have the original one, still need to buy Naked 2! X


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