Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Pairs Of Shoes...

Aghh! I've been so rubbish at posting recently, I'm a party organiser at Ann Summers and lately I've just been so busy with parties that I've not had chance to blog properly! I've finally decided that my current beloved ballet pumps are near enough dead, and so have been eyeing up new pairs on the internet whilst waiting for my party payments to go through! Here are a few of my favourites! I've linked to them all so you can see all the different views and styles etc. I know they are all from Topshop, but I absolutely adore their shoes, and for some reason their flats never ever rub my feet! Had a pair from New Look that just shredded my ankles and heels, it was awful. I've decided to get two of these pairs of shoes, but I just can't decide which ones! Has anyone got any of these or know where somewhere sells similar ones for a bit less? Might be able to push for three pairs then!

I love the pale peachy pink ballet slippers, and the studded loafers are gorgeous! But then I want the blue silk ballet slippers too, I love the brown suede and leopard print pattern on the pointed loafers as it really looks different to all the other loafers I've seen. The peach and black ballet flats are just screaming out for me to buy them, as they are a staple colour and style and will go with pretty much everything.


Pointy leopard and brown flats

Silky blue flats

Contrast toe 

Pink ballet slippers

Nude studded loafers

Nude and black ballet slippers

Love xxx


  1. I love the blue silk ones! And the peach and black ones. Hmmm.. Decisions!


    1. Haha! I think it's because I secretly still wish I was a ballet dancer... Maybe in another life! Love them xxx

  2. I love the nude and black ones...but I could never afford to pay Topshop prices for shoes. Have you tried Next? They do surprisingly cute pumps quite cheaply and they last well too!

    1. I've not, but I will do! Off to do some online shoe hunting now, will definitely check out Next! Thank-you xxx


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