Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Pretty Little BlogFest!

So when I got my Kindle for Christmas, the first thing I did was download every single Pretty Little Liars book I could find! I'm addicted to the tv show, and I'm just reading Heartless at the minute. I really can't get enough of it, but it kills me not knowing who A is and who killed Alison! One thing I really love about the tv show is the wildly different styles of each of the girls, and I want all of their wardrobes to be mine! So in honour of my infatuation with Pretty Little Liars, I thought that over the next few days I'd focus on one of the girls, and take a closer look at their fashion and beauty styles. I'm also doing this because it means I don't have to do my last assignment for uni!

I thought I'd start with Emily, played by Shay Mitchell. Her look is quite minimal and low key, but it's still quite fashionable and well put together.

Her style is the least complex and complicated of the group, as she prefers comfortable, sporty clothes. Key items in her wardrobe include basic vests and tees, denim skirts, trainers, and slouchy jumpers.

Emily Pretty Little Liars

There are some really cute things in this set, such as the neutral leather bag which would be great for everyday use, and the denim jeans are similar to some I got from River Island a while back. Her outfits are so laidback and casual, perfect for everyday wear. My favourite pieces inclue the baggy jumper, it looks so snuggly and cosy! And it's in the sale! I love the pale pink Converse, I really need to get some more and I think I'll end up getting this colour as it's so versatile and still pretty. I really like the Pandora bracelet as it's understated and doesn't scream BLING! I've got a silver chain bracelet with a small heart charm on it that I've had on since Christmas 2010, I'm never taking it off! You can never have enough black vests, it's like those black jersey skirts from H&M, I've got about six of them on the go at any one time!

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  1. OMGGG I am obsessed with pretty little liars too! I think emily is so pretty
    live this post! :)


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