Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Review - Argan Oil

As you may know from previous posts, my hair has been pretty much every colour under the sun, and a few months ago I decided I'd had enough of having black hair, and wanted to return to the gorgeous rich red colour I'd had in the spring of 2011. After a few minor disasters, I finally found a colourist who is, arguably, the best colourist ever. My poor hair had been really battered over the summer, and then it was lifted from black to the most beautiful shade of red, and it felt fine! No giant balls of fluff had replaced my hair, it wasn't still black (my biggest fear!) and the colour was amazing.
I recently had my roots done and realised that my split ends were slowly plotting to take over the world. I hate having my hair cut, as it never ends up how I wanted, and somehow a little trim turns into a chin-length bob with a massive fringe and, unfortunately, my hair seems to take forever to grow back! This time however, I was determined to avoid it. I managed to just have the worst of the split ends snipped off, and my hair looked much healthier, although it was still a bit wild and unmanageable, if I'd have tried to brush it when wet the brush would have definitely come off worse!
I've tried everything to tame my mane, and the best products I've found have been the Herbal Essences Split End Serum, which I've done a mini review on, and the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle which I've done a full length review on. Both have really made a difference and improves the overall condition of my hair, but the last two centimetres of my hair drive me wild. No matter what I use, they still fluff out and look dry, so after reading reviews of all the different hair oils I was determined to try one. I was pottering around Superdrug the other day looking for more MUA lipsticks (review here) and spotted this Argan Oil hiding at the bottom of a shelf, for the bargain price of £9.99! I was going to order the Moroccanoil when I got home, but thought I may as well give this a go, just because I could get my paws on it straightaway without having to wait for it to be delivered.
Here are some photos, so you can see what the bottle and packaging looks like. Because the writing is metallic, it's a nightmare to photograph but I've tried my best!

You get 100ml of oil for £9.99, which is really good value, and the pump is great as it's easy to control how much product you want. My hair is about 11 inches past shoulder length, and to cover the lower mid-lengths and ends it takes 4-5 pumps depending on how well I apply it! It does say on the back 2-3 pumps for short hair, 4-5 if your hair is a little longer so I'd say that was about right.
I've fallen completely head over heels in love with this product, I've read somewhere that it works better if you blowdry your hair, but I've not blowdried my hair for ages and I try to leave it to dry naturally as much as possible, and it still works wonders. My hair is silky soft, ridiculously shiny and I've not got fluffy ends anymore, which is brilliant! I couldn't recommend this product enough, and want to try the shampoo and conditioner now too! I don't think I'll be investing in Moroccanoil just yet, as this one works really well for me and I don't have to pay postage, which is a pet hate of mine.

Love xxx

I bought this product with my own money at full price (£9.99) but as usual, I always review products honestly regardless of whether I paid for them or not.


  1. I tried the pure argan oil from holland and barratt and it smells like rat piss, it also didn't really make a notable difference to my hair! I like the Organix shampoo and conditioner though, they seem to have made my hair more durable! It's all on my blog, somewhere!


  2. Thanks for this review, I never heard of this product before. My hair gets totally battered also! I've decided to stay brunette long term but really need to give my hair some TLC, especially at the ends. I love Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle too :) Currently trying one of Pantene's masques, it's nice but if this Argan Oil is good I might switch...

  3. I love Morrocanoil so wil have to give this one a try x

  4. This sounds great, might have to give it ago.
    I'm now following!


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