Saturday, 4 February 2012

Things I Want #1

I've decided that I'd quite like to do some weekly posts, things that I continue each week, as sometimes I worry that my blog is a bit inconsistent and I seem to go off on a tangent a lot of the time! As I'm back at uni and having to work more to save up for things, such as fixing my beloved Ford KA, saving up for a holiday with my friends and buying even more clothes/shoes/handbags/make-up/beauty & fashion necessities I've found myself unable to blog everyday, which is really bugging me! I hate it when I'm checking up on my favourite blogs and they don't post often, I'd at least like an update every other day, otherwise I get bored. Saying that, I do hate it when a blog is updated three or four times a day, as it just clogs up my feed, and the posts don't seem passionate or interesting. It's like they are being churned out just for the sake of it!

As I'm rambling on about blogs (off on a tangent yet again) I've fell in love with so many blogs this week!  Think I'm going to do a list of them all at some point in the coming week to share them with you all, as if you aren't already reading them and hitting the follow button you really need to be!
Right, so, back on track. I spend ages trawling through the internet looking for things I want to buy, so I'm going to make it a regular feature on the Hummingbird And The Rose. I'm going to do a fashion bit, an accessory bit and a beauty bit, but put the first two both in the same post so I have chance to blog about other things too! Going to do another post for my beauty wants as I think that this post is going to be so long anyway!

The Fashion Bit

Velvet Dress  Button Layer Dress  Lemon Skater  Print Skater  Leopard Skater  Floral Skirt  White Scalloped Top  Aztec Skirt  Floral Jeans

I find skater dresses are really flattering on me, as they are fitted around the waist and really forgiving everywhere else! I adore leopard print, and think if worn correctly it can look really pretty and cute! I adore the velvet heart cut-out skater, it's a perfect dress for going out in, as the lack of sleeves and the fact it's really short means you won't melt whilst dancing the night away! I love the ruching around the bust on the layered button polka dot dress, but think it might make my hips look huge!
I love body-con skirts, and have so many of them it's bordering on ridiculous. I need to add this one to my collection though, and the cute little Aztec one!
I never wear jeans, only worn them twice this year because I couldn't get warm in my leggings, but I could make an exception for these floral ones...

The Accessory Bit

Chain Strap Ballet Flats  Dalmatian Flats  Stretch Bracelets  Earrings  Drawstring Bag  Purple Bag  Cross Necklace  Rosary Necklace  Studded Ballet Flats  Cat Purse

I love ballet flats, and wear them everyday! Even in the snow! I've done it for so long that my feet don't get cold anymore, and I know which ones won't rub! I love earrings and want more piercings in my ears, but I'm too scared that it might hurt! I had my nose pierced when I was 17 but hated it after a day and took it out!! This cat purse is beyond cute, ideally I'd like another Hello Kitty purse but I got my last one when I was on holiday, it's really dying now and won't stay closed! I don't want to buy another one unless I find one that I really love, with compartments for cash, all my many, many cards (not all debit cards!) and a place to stash notes!

What do you think to my picks? If you see anything that I might like whilst shopping please let me know!

Love xxx


  1. I love the skirt with the flowers on! And the navy dress on the top row. And I love the purple bag. I loove purple!

    1. The skirt is gorgeous, I need everything! I'm a purple addict too :-) xxx

  2. I think I want all of the first 3 dresses, especially the lace one!xx

    1. The lace one is gorgeous, and it comes in loads of colours! xxx

  3. Great great blog, I'm following I hope you will follow back


  4. Replies
    1. It's so pretty and unusual! Need it! xxx

  5. Nice choices! I love all of them!

  6. I know what you mean about consistency! My blog is so random I don't even know what category it's meant to fit in haha. I'll have the flat cat purse plzzzz.

  7. I love the first dress and the shoes!

  8. Love the velvet dress and the lemon lace skater!!

    Lovely post

    Marie x

  9. I love the heart cut out dress! It's gorgeous xx

  10. great wishlist! I really love those dresses, and the cat purse is absolutely adorable!
    xx, Kels

  11. love the lemon skater dress! NEED!

    Christy X


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