Friday, 2 March 2012

Lana Del Rey - Make-Up Tutorial

Here's the long awaited make-up tutorial! I posted about Lana's style here, so go check it out if you've not read it yet! I was going to do a step-by-step kind of tutorial using photos of me applying the make-up, but everytime I've attempted it the light has been awful and it's not worked well, so this will have to do instead! It's featuring all the products I used myself to recreate her look, just without the photo examples. I really like Lana Del Rey, and her music, but apparently she doesn't like singing live? I've seen a video of her live at the Mulberry Session and though she was amazing.
If you've not seen her before, here are a few photos!

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So, key parts of her look are flawless skin, glowing, peachy-toned cheeks, long lashes, golden brown smoky eyes and lots of liner!

For her skin, I'd use a foundation with quite heavy coverage if you don't have clear, even-toned skin. If you do you could get away with something lighter, but my favourite foundation at the minute is the Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover. It's amazing! It's the only foundation I've used that actually made my skin look perfect, but I think I need to get the regular Double Wear too, as I don't need the total coverage everyday unless my skin is being a pain, but I don't think I could go back to using anything else. All foundations I've tried in the past are just inferior to this product! I've reviewed it here so don't really want to do it again.
I'd also recommend some sort of illuminator/highlighter, I'm just finishing up my Benefit High Beam at the minute, think I'll probably end up repurchasing it as I can't find anything else! I am thinking about investing in some Nars products soon, I really want the Albatross highlighting blush powder as I've seen some bloggers wearing it and it looks stunning.
I've never really seen Lana (see what I'm doing? We're on first name terms and everything!) wearing a pinky blush, but the peachy golden shades she wears look so healthy and really make her skin glow. I really like the Nars blush in Gina for a peachy, golden colour, with maybe the Laguna bronzer for contouring as her cheekbones are amazing!
For her natural toned smoky eyes, which I've found myself copying every day for the past week now, I've been using the MUA Heaven & Earth palette. I really like it, and it's such a bargain! I keep thinking about getting on of the Naked palettes but can't justify spending that much, especially as I wear it everyday and I don't think it'd last that long!
My current fave eyeliner for durability, intensity and just general amazing-ness is the Maybelline gel liner, but for a really clean and precise line I use one by Barry M that is brilliant too.
I don't really enjoy wearing false lashes, as I've never found any that don't make my eyelids feel heavy or just don't look right! I recently bought the Blink + Go mascara that lots of people got in the Christmas GlossyBox, but I didn't and was so disappointed. I got the eye shadow palette instead, but got the bright and neon colours which really bugged me as I've not even touched it and never will! There was a nice metallic palette going round too, but I kind of wish there was no variation in boxes as some are just crap! I really love the mascara, it makes my lashes so long and adds loads of volume so I'll definitely be repurchasing it!
I'd probably just use a nude lipstick or gloss on the lips, I've seen her wearing red lipstick but personally I think the nude look really suits her. MUA do some lush ones, and I love how conditioning their lipsticks are! You could also try the Love Heart balms too, as they are tinted.

There you go! Hope you enjoyed my post!

Love xxx


  1. Wow, nice break down of what to use and how to use it!

  2. Shes beautiful, this is great! Following


  3. She is stunning!

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  4. She look amazing! I'm really liking your post! I find Double Wear a bit to cakey on my skin, so I like to mix it with a bit lighter foundation :) x


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